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Legit solitaire addict this is perfect

More cities please!!!!!!!

I play every day! But, I’ve been waiting for a couple important bug fixes for about a month... *The points for winning streak is messed up. It only does about 35,000 for under 2 minutes and it never changes. It used to do over 90,000 because my streak is over 1700! *The game changes the dock on my iPad to the middle left of my screen and I have to restart my iPad in order to fix it. This is the only app that does this, so I don’t think it’s an os problem. I love this game! Thanks for fixing the game to where it pauses when you click on an ad. I've built all three cities already. Please add more very soon!!!

Best Solitaire I've Played

I love the fact that with this version of solitaire, you aren't just playing cards, you are also building cute little towns! I love the daily challenges and the tools they give you! The only complaint I have is that it would be nice to have a different tool choice because I have over a thousand hints saved up, and I never use them. Lots of fun!

Great take on Solitaire

By far my favorite Solitaire game on iOS.


Fun game when bored but the crashing gets annoying, like you're close to say 6 wins in a row then crash. It would be one thing if it was just go back in and continue or it doesn't count it as you hit new game but nope. You go back in and it counts it as you hit new game, etc. and resets the streak.

Great game

Like the game. Get it.




Need I say more? OK...laundry is piled, ironing is waiting, my blog will NEVER happen as long as I have this game on my iphone!!! I love everything about this game from seeing the next item to be added, to the music. The game play is challenging, but not impossible. And it is simply fun! Let others enjoy their RPG games or solve their puzzles, I’ll just sit back and enjoy playing this little solitaire

Fun and interesting take on an old favorite.

Game is very fun with a touch of challenge compared to some of the other solitaire games out there. Love the shuffle and undo features. For those who are complaining about not being able to earn the boosts (shuffle, undo and hint), if you are able to spend the 1.99 to remove adds, you can earn them! Once the adds are removed a group of balloons will pop up on the map (level) and if you click it before it goes away you can watch an add, anywhere between 10 and 30 seconds and you will earn random boosts. You'll have several opportunities each game to earn the boosts so keep an eye out for the balloons! Have fun!


Great and ads are unobtrusive as well as optional.

Fun Game but..

I really wish it would update faster.

Great game!

Fun twist on Solitaire! Love the music!

Aged out?

I completed Relaxation age and there are no more ages!? Is it broken or what? Oh just got a new age it’s Halloween age thanks!,

Love it,but.....

First let me say,I'm totally addicted. But,on some of the ads(which,I'm not complaining about the ads),the X to go back to the game is so tiny,it's very hard to see. Although it would be nice if we got choices on building our island.

My favorite solitaire game!

I love this game!! But please update! I don’t want to end my winning streak!

Great game!

Love the scenes that build as you progress, wish I could zoom in to view in greater detail!

Awesome, level after level...

This is a great solitaire game for anyone who loves the game. I always try to beat my highest levels. Great game!!!

Enjoyable but not challenging

Hopefully the difficulty level increases.


Loud,colorful and lots of fun.Nice setup.

Do not purchase the “no add”

To be honest, I enjoy the game, and i purchased the “no adds” for 1.99. The adds were gone for coupke days and than they started planting adds of their own games again in the game. I tried contacting them but, guess what No Answer from them. This is wrong.

Good Game, But ...

The Christmas music playing during the entire Industrial Age was too much. And I love Christmas! The timer doesn’t start during the Relaxation Age.


Love this game but patiently waiting for an update so I can keep playing!!

Good game!

I will give 5 stars if I don’t have any problem with the cards color and shape. But it’s a good game after all.

Fun, relaxing 😎





A rally fun way to play solitare and very easy to keep playing

Unexpectedly cute and addictive

Love the graphics. Makes it even more fun to play.

fun twist on solitaire

really like it! it's fun and engaging, basically just solitaire but with some meat behind it ^^


I love the new version. It's very fun to play.



Love it but it's addictive

I even like it that there are ads for other games! And watching he ads gives me shortcuts to win more at this game! Some marketing genius thought that one up.


A fun way to play solitaire.

Too many ads

It's basically just solitaire with some bonus her and there to help you beat every level. But there is ads everywhere played the game for 5 minutes and watched 10 ads!


Fun and colorful version of to build a city and play cards at the same time. Only bad thing free version has a lot of commercials.

Fun extra twist to a traditional game

My 13 year old daughter showed me this game, as she knew I love solitaire. Now we compete to see who can get to the next level first! I would have given it 5 stars, but it takes too long to get to the next "age", in my opinion. Lots of fun though!

I paid for no ads but one still appears

I really enjoy playing the game but it loses a star for showing me an ad on the daily mission screen. If I pay to have ads removed, I expect that to cover all areas of the game.

Nice Twist on an Old Theme

Particularly like the Shuffle function. What I don't like is that it's not immediately apparent that you start with a limited number and have to purchase more. There seems to be no to earn them as rewards from gameplay. Thus the main reason for 4 instead of 5. Another reason (admittedly trivial) is that the color scheme seems sort of bland

Solitaire with a bonus

I enjoy playing and creating civilizations

Great gameplay

Great graphics fun and challenging


I luv this game


Overall fun twist on a classic card game. My only real complaint and the reason I give 3 stars is the shuffling. I can understand charging a small fee for hints and the ability to undo a play, but charging someone to shuffle in a card game baffles me. I could understand maybe putting a daily limit on shuffles that resets every 24 hours that you can replenish faster with your daily quest rewards or IAP but not a flat out charge.

If you love ads this is the game for you

I get having ads but this app is ridiculous. Want your bonus points? Watch an ad.... after that ad sometimes let me start another one right away before you start another round. Want to close the app and finish the round later? When you start back up let me show you an ad before you start playing again. I literally watch more ads then I have playing time in this game.

Adorable interface

Love the way it plays. But only one problem. I have to listen to an ad to play one card at a time. Other than that, I really enjoy the app.

So fun!

i love this game, but i have one (minor) complaint. i understand that having to buy the one-card game is a way to earn money, but i would appreciate that the ads went away since i did spend money! other than that, the game is a fun way of playing solitaire while being "rewarded." i like how you don't have lives, you can play as much as you want!

A great time waster

no doubt best solitaire in App Store

Great Game!

A nice solitaire game, plays as you would expect, but with a fun twist. The faster you win, the more points you earn to help you grow the little lands you unlock as you progress. There are shuffles, undos, and hints that are awarded for watching short videos, which turns out to be a welcome break. Points accrue quickly, rewards are nice and easy to get, and the unlimited retries are nice when you get stuck and you don't want to lose you win streak. The daily quests are easy enough to complete and award a decent amount of shuffles, undos, and hints.

Age of solitaire

Fun game


Needs some game AI work (Shuffles, namely). Great idea

Enjoyed but now actually losing points.

I'm at 100 games won and actually accumulate less streak points that when I was at 82. It decreased from 8000+ to around 5000. That's bull. I earned those games won and shouldn't be penalized. And I don't like how you get the same three card point even if I have so many more left and beat if with more than half the deck left.

Fun and entertaining!

I like how there is an end goal for playing solitaire and it's not just a card game. I also love that you can pause if you need too; very important feature for a parent 😁.

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