Age of Solitaire : Build City App Reviews

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Totally addicted

I play this game constantly. One thing that just got updated stinks tho. I’ve lost the ability to watch a video and in exchange get to do a game over but with 1 card draw. I have a winning streak that I don’t want to lose

Overall fun game, but has some bugs

This game is surprisingly addicting and fun to play. I've put far more hours into this than I'd like to admit! The only negative item is that the app's 'randomization' for new deals and shuffles is anything but random. I'm not sure if this is poor programming or international, but at times it almost seems deliberately skewed against the player. While this can be very frustrating when it happens, the overall experience is very positive.

Love the game! The different ages make it more interesting than regular solitaire

I had a problem previously with this game, which the developers were very responsive and concerned about. I really appreciate their quick response! Everything works great now and I’m back to enjoying the game!

Love it

I love playing solitaire. Building the cities is fun too as it gives you something to work towards. Only one request - can you make it so the game can be played in landscape as well as portrait mode? Just a little thing but I can’t be the only one who would like it. 😁

Age of solitaire

Super fun game!

Enjoyable game, could be better

Fun game of solitaire. Like the civilization building bonus aspect. Don’t mind ads for additional things like shuffles and undos. Did wish it synced with Game Center and not just Facebook, ESPECIALLY with all of the Facebook data scandals. Makes me wonder what data this company can view if you use Facebook.


Challenging and fun. It takes a while to advance, but that’s part of the challenge.


Well here we go again. Needed two games to win 15 and get five points .. has on several occasions made me start over !! STOP IT !!!!!!!

Too many ads

Latest release introduces non stop 30 second unskippable ads. This is in addition to ads on top of the screen. It was a cute app previously but now is just all ads.

Addictive fun

To win this game, you have to use some extras: shuffle, clue & do over. To get enough of those you’ve got to watch a lot of ads. I’ve got a 133 game winning streak because I get enough shuffles especially by sitting through interminable ads, just because I enjoy the game. I wish there were another way, and I have gotten a few, but wish there were more ways to win the bonuses. Then it’d be a 5 Star winner.

Fun game but..

I really like this game and have been playing daily. Just got the update and now I’m a game that is 90% ad views they had to add an add on the main game screen? How much is enough. Still a great little game but please remove the banner on the main play screen!


The game itself is super fun and engaging. The constant ads that pop up are frustrating. They even pop up in the middle of a game. Ruins the experience.

Love it!

Love this game. Finished the Christmas level and would really love some new ages to keep playing!!!!!

To many ads

Great take on a classic game, but on top of the always present banner there’s a series of pop up adds after what seems like every game, I really enjoy the game there’s just to many adds !

Can’t level up: game issue

I love this game! It’s super fun, designed well, and makes solitaire exciting. However, I currently cannot level up because the game freezes. I’m currently at Middle Age 8/9. I can play games that add to my points but don’t level up. But once I get enough points to get to the next level, the game will not let me press OK, or any button. I have to restart the game and all my progress is lost. I’ve restarted my phone and everything suggested. Please fix this issue.

Not enough levels

This game was really fun for a short while. I got family & friends to play daily too. Little did I know after the Christmas scene there's not anymore to build. Highly disappointed! New ones soon we hope?? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️😏

Ad Problem

Someone below also mentioned this but it is impossible to listen to music or podcasts while playing this game because the ads pop up and pause all other audio and it drives me crazy!! It would be no big deal if I could play my music again after the ad was over but every time I leave the app for one second and come back the ad pops up again. Devs, please fix this issue!! Seriously, it’s a good game and I want to keep playing, but if I can’t listen to music then I’ll find another solitaire app.

Fun game, great idea but...

This game has WAY TOO MANY ads. I understand some ads but this game FORCED you to watch ads. It’s RIDICULOUS! Let me choose if I WANT TO WATCH ADS.

Please update!!!!

This is a great app but PLEASE update the app. I’m sick of listening to Christmas Music!!!! I can’t take it much longer.

Great, but less ads would b better

Even after u pay the $3+, u still get too many ads. It is actually entertaining enough that I’d give 5 *s, if only the number or length of the ads were reduced a bit more after paying for it.

Needs updated

Great game but needs upgraded. When I pay to remove ads I would like to be able to keep playing new content. Other than that I’m happy with it.

Fun but stopped working

I enjoyed this version of solitaire except for the constant ads. Then last week it stopped dealing the cards. Tried everything to reset it, just bugged out.

Way too many ads

I can understand watching an add to get some helps, but is there a need to watch an add to start a new game? Seriously, cut back the number of ads required to watch in order to just play the game. I am giving a negative review for now. If the number of ads are reduced, I will give a better review. If you want me to continue to play your game, fix this issue.

Finger fun

Really can’t stop playing! Keeps you coming back for more


Game is fun but got tired of the ads and spend $1.99 for the no ADs. Didn’t work wasted $1.99 and still have ads...


I really like this game very much. The only thing is that it keeps on crashing on me there is not really any time I can tell you when it happens. It is very random. As for the other part of the game maybe you can make one of the buildings that you haven’t named yet could be something like “Building on Mars”

Fun approach but greedy with the ads

I don’t mind ads after a game. However, this app plays ads when you pause, and while you’re playing the game. Switch to reply to a text? Come back to an ad. Click on the cards to move and pop-another ad. Fun concept is ruined by greed.


Fun game! Just one suggestion, make it an option for one card or 3 card without having to go through the ads.

Relaxin music. Addictive game!

Love this game. The new twists on points and society building give it a really nice depth.

This game is awesome

I love playing solitaire, but this game takes it to a new level, rewarding with more than just a sense of achievement when you complete a round, you actually progress society!

New land?

I’ve loved solitaire since I was a kid, this version is great!!! I’ve reached the end of the game though. Will any new ages be released soon? I’d like to continue playing/building.

Great app- hate the scoring

The reviews have it; this game is fun, the as are unobtrusive. I only have one problem with it though: why is the win streak bonus variable and dependent on my time to complete the game? I think the win streak is a separate achievement and the bonus should increase steadily. When are we getting more levels? I have a 722 game win streak and now I am earning points towards nothing.

WAYYYY Too many ads

Enjoyable game but the whole experience is ruined by the amount of ads you have to get through. Imagine responding to a text and having to watch a video ad just to resume your game. Now imagine responding to multiple texts and having to watch a video each time to resume play. I don’t mind the occasional ad to support the developers, but this is ridiculous.

2 stars

I have to rate it so low mostly because of a bug that causes the dock on my iPad to move off to the side. It can only be fixed by resetting. I saw someone else make the same complaint, but it hasn’t yet been addressed.

Fun but annoying ads and scoring

After the first level I would have given this game 5 stars, it was fun and addicting getting the different pieces for the landscape. I’m now on the Industrial Age and the last few pieces are taking forever to acquire, I’m only getting 1-2% for every win no matter how well or fast I play or how many “bonus” points I get. The ads are another issue, I know I’m going to sit through a 30 second ad if I choose to by clicking on the balloons but now I’m getting ads thrown at me for no reason. Stop with so many ads and give the players more percentage points.


I wish there is a setting to start the game with 1 card at a time without resetting it from withdrawing 3 cards as a default. I wouldn’t mind paying a dollar or two to get rid of the ads.


Nice game to relax with. Music is great. Building the worlds are just a perk. LOL

Fun game

Not your regular solitaire. Each game builds on the next (figuratively and literally) to create a city. Pretty cool.

Good Game, Connectivity Bug

Fun/addicting spin on classic Klondike. The whole mechanic is worth 5 stars, but if you have a spotty cellular connection, the game will not load unless you go into airplane mode. There really should be a poor-connection/offline fallback for something as simple & seemingly “offline” as solitaire. I’ve paid for ad-free, I would love to be able to play on the subway without having to constantly toggle airplane mode off and on.

Pretty dang good

I’m not a fan of having to pay to get rid of ads .....only to find they’re still there sometimes But this is a very good solitaire. Best I’ve ever played on iPhone


I NEVER write reviews, but this game is super fun and for a free app, the ads aren’t bad. My only suggestion is to develop more boards. I downloaded this several weeks ago and I’m almost done with the last board :( Hopefully a new update is on the way!

Addictive is understatement

I love this game currently on 51 game winning streak

Too many ads and battery short

This app is great. I love interface and graphics. But too many ads. Seriously I never seen any game more ads than this. Also this makes battery life really short.

A little buggy

Fun game but every time I play it for more than 5 minutes it messes up my home screens and I have to restart my iPad. Seem it likes to put my menus bar about 1/3 of the way up the screen and then nothing works right. Fix it and I’ll give it 5

Lots of fun

Not hard to level up. Fun and engaging.

Awesome Game

Solitaire is addicting, but the building component just makes you keep on going!!

Obnoxious ads

If you listen to music or podcasts while you play, the app doesn’t unpause them after ads. When you switch back into the app the ad will play again and again.

Excellent take on an old classic

By making Undo a limited action, this game encourages replaying with different strategic moves. Check it out.

Great, but...

I love this game, I just wish it was updated more with new locations.

Purchased the “no ad” version.

Don’t bother to pay for this game. They sell you the “no-ads” version and there are still tons of ads. Rip-off

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