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Age of solitaire

Love it

It WAS fun, until...

The game itself is addictive. There are ads in the game in between rounds. Wasn’t a problem, a quick ad for another game. Today there was a different ad in between rounds though and I can no longer recommend this game or play it any longer knowing that the developers support kavanaugh as a supreme court nominee.

app frozen!

app frozen!

Not as advertised

For you real solitaire players, this is NOT a true solitaire-play game: cards aren’t randomized (gameplay is miraculously easy for the first two chapters or so); the goal is to spend $$$ on shuffles and hints. It is also NOT a true building game: the construction is pre-determined, and it takes longer and longer to earn enough points to build. Stopped enjoying by the Industrial Age.

Finally fixed

I’ve enjoyed playing this game but since the last update I cannot get past the “Loading” screen. I emailed the developer but have heard nothing. BTW, I bought the game and do not mind paying for games and apps I enjoy/use regularly but there is a greater expectation that the developer will fix any bugs. Update 6/26: The newest update did not fix the problem. The game is still “loading”. 7/2: Thanks for responding! I sent an answer and screenshot to your email. 7/4: I give up. The email I sent has bounced back a dozen times as undeliverable. I’m just going to delete the game.

Like the game but........

It will not load since last update. I want to play it cause it’s very addictive but I can’t. And I don’t want to delete and lose my progress. 7/5 Thank you developers for responding to me and making sure the game got fixed. I can play it now and It works great!

Respect parameters!

It’s solitaire. It does solitaire. However, this stupid app doesn’t respect the mite switch. When I don’t want sound, that’s exactly what I mean. The sheer insane volume of ads is ridiculous. Rein in AdChoice. Or play less ads. Delete.

Same as everyone else....

After the update can’t get past the loading screen. Instead of fixing a bug, I think a new one was added.

bug fix or add bug?

what bugs did you fix?The game is loading forever after recent update.

Please Fix

The game is not loading. I’m afraid if I delete and reinstall I’ll lose all my items. Great game. Lots of fun for a solitaire lover. You can use specials to try and get more games in a row.

Very addictive!!!

Barely any ads!!! Very good quality. I recommend it to solitaire lovers out there!!!

Bring back auto sync!

Who at the developer thought that turning off iCloud auto sync was a good idea? It’s a royal pita to remember to perform the sync so that I don’t have to replay the same hands across devices.

Too Notch

I love this game! Not only is the game great fun, the support is outstanding. I had a small issue and they worked endlessly to fix it. That means a lot. If you like solitaire then you will love this new take on the age old game.

Fun game with very intrusive and irritating ads

This is classic Solitaire from the old windows days. But there are just too many ads. You do anything on the game and an add pops out. Also ads don't respect the volume settings. So even if you have the app volume settings muted, ads will blast at full volume, thereby disturbing everyone around you. Also the ads will even stop music being played in background and being heard on headphones. So basically no multi tasking

Trying to get developer's attention.

Following today's update, the game will not load. The splash screen reads "loading" and never moves past it. I'm sorry and I'm sad. Will check it again in a day or two, if it works I will be pleased, if it does not I will sadly move on. Thank you!


This game is awesome!! The music is so relaxing and the game is fun to play. Again, love the music ❤️. Where/how did you find it??


I can finally play the game without crashing when I last had it great job

Syncing Old levels to the phone

It’s outrageous that, you been playing nonstop and successfully made it into the third levels, and once you try to login with your Facebook account on your phone to play this game app. And the app suddenly crashed and you have to start the levels all over again. I find it so unfair because it takes all the fun out of the game. It’s really good game but please fix this issue. Thank you!


I love this game. It’s the best!

Awesome game

Awesome game if you like card game and solitaire in a new way

Intriguing mechanic, WAY too many ads

It’s a great mechanic, and fun to play. But the ads are out of control. Ads for power ups? Fine, no biggie. But an ad for every new game, for switching to 1-card draw, for every time I close the app and come back, for when a batter notification pops up, for when I pull up the control center... get a handle on it and dial back.


I just tried it there’s ads at every few seconds


Solitaire with a twist. I can’t stop playing !

Cute, but too many ads

This was a cute concept, but not cute enough to put up with so many ads. I like solitaire and I like city building, although watching my city grow wasn’t as satisfying as I hoped it would be. It just felt like it wasn’t actually meaningful progress. It’s a fun idea, and I would have kept the app if it weren’t for the ad bombardment. Ads in between games. Ads to switch from 3 card draw to one card draw, and you have to do it each game. Ads for extra items. I just couldn’t stand how much it was being forced down my throat.

I had played solitaire before...

But this game made me realize just how bad I am at it. I’ve been playing for a good amount of time now since I got it and have only been able to win one game. I retried multiple times and started new games other times. Is there a difficulty setting for this?

Age of Solitaire

This is a cute little game that combines building and solitaire together, both of which I love to do. It’s very simple, straightforward and you don’t have to spend days and money trying to get to the next level. I see people complaining about the amount of ads. For a fee you can have them removed, but watching the ads brings you bigger rewards and I don’t mind them. Kudos to Sticky Hands for this game!!

Addictive game but....

Hooks you to buy too much stuff

I really like this game!

I’ve been trying a lot of games lately and this one was much more fun than I expected. I love the shuffle and undo options. Yes, there are a lot of ads, but each one give you a much needed help. I hope no one tries to upgrade it cause it’s perfect as is!


Muy divertido e intervenido Algo nuevo para un juego tan viejo y conocido

Fun game

Easy enjoyable

Fun and chill

Nice gameplay and art. Haven’t hit any pay walls after 10 games.

Great game!

Super easy platform, stays consistent and no bugs! Love this game

Very clever idea!

Love it!

Love it

Very addictive!!!! Less adds would be great but all and all great game


Keeps you interested and is fun to play.

The music!

Where can I purchase the Soundtrack? It’s very relaxing. 🙏

stereotyped sequence

The sequence of the cards in every level are stereotyped and was seemed designed artificially, so when I had retried a level times and times again, the cards are the same, it like someone designed a maze for you and there is only one way out and you have to try every possible roads to find that way, or you could make the game easier——to click the advertisings to get rewards, it totally different like other solitaire games because the sequence of cards are random in other solitaire games. By the way this games contains loads of advertisings so it makes the experience so bad, I don’t get it why Apple recommends this game.

Fun game all around

I really have been enjoying playing this game. I love solitaire but adding a world building aspect to it makes you have something more to look forward to. Highly recommended

Can’t play, keep getting a “server error code: -100.”

Can’t play, keep getting a “Notice” of a “server error code: -100.” Even after restarting the app , and deleting/reinstalling it. Have not been able to play once.


Where can I get this music?

Bummer! Can’t remove ads

Update. It’s been awhile so thought I’d try again. But those ads kill it. Off my phone it goes. Downloaded game and was ready to get rid of ads because I dislike ad banners. Clicked to purchase and said ‘sold out’ ! Give me a break! Would have enjoyed playing. But will now have to remove.


I enjoy playing card games and this is a fun game!

Great but...

I wish you had an option to play 1 card version without having to click ads. Very annoying.

Super cool

Solitaire got to a high level

I'm impressed!!

This is the first Solitaire mobile game worth playing. I have tried many and none have kept me interested for more than 2 minutes. It had over 2 hours and I can get enough. I have no complaints at all so far.

Cool take on a classic

This is a fun, interesting take on a game everyone has played. My only complaint is a minor one. I’m ok with ads obviously for a free game. But this would get 5 stars if the videos were 15-20 seconds instead of 30.


After about a minute of playing the app crashes. Seems like it would be a fun game if I could play it.

Freemium BS

If you want to see what over saturation of ads looks like...this game is a perfect example. Unless you cough up money, they’re going to hound you with to death with advertising. I’m always willing to pay for a good game. I don’t expect people to work for free, but...when I can barely play the game for all the ads...time to delete! It took 3 minutes for me to delete this ad platform disguised as a solitaire game.

It’s solitaire but hard time playing it

When you open the game, and plays fantastic but you can’t play it for long periods of time without ads in your game and it’s almost impossible to play with the ads as they interrupt you during gameplay and force you to watch or wait 3 to 4 seconds before you can skip.. that’s not right I deleted the game because of that reason. I recommend getting rid of IN GAMEPLAY AND AFTER GAME PLAY advertisements so people like myself and my mother can play without interruptions of ads ever 10 seconds.

Too many ads

Ok game but there’s one specific ad that you have to actually play a game of slots which takes forever. Got hit with that ad twice and immediately deleted the app.

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